Почистващ препарат VarioClean Eco STIHL 150 ml

Почистващ препарат VarioClean Eco STIHL 150 ml

Код: 07825168003

8.74 лв.

The special cleaner STIHL VarioClean Eco reliably dissolves and removes dirt, e.g. from oils, greases, resin, plant residues and grass stains, from surfaces of your STIHL tools or accessories. The ingredients of VarioClean Eco from STIHL are 92% natural in origin, and the surfactants contained are biodegradable. This allows you to clean guide bars, saw chains, blades, circular saw blades or the air filter of your chainsaw or wet and dry vacuum efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner, in addition to equipment housings. The STIHL VarioClean Eco with pleasant odor is very compatible with various materials such as plastic, paint, metals, aluminum and rubber. You can therefore use it in a very versatile way. The bottle in a handy shape consists of 50% recyclate.

To use, spray your equipment, tools or air filters with STIHL VarioClean Eco and let the cleaning agent work for about 5 minutes. You can then rinse the surfaces or the filter with water or remove the dissolved dirt with a damp microfiber cloth. STIHL HD2 filters can also be washed in a wash bag at up to 60° in the washing machine after the reaction time. After complete drying, the filter has almost regained its new condition, so that no new filter is required and the environment is thereby protected.

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